The art of walking

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The Unquantified Self

“Walkers are ‘practitioners of the city,’ for the city is made to be walked. A city is a language, a repository of possibilities, and walking is the act of speaking that language, of selecting from those possibilities. Just as language limits what can be said, architecture limits where one can walk, but the walker invents other ways to go.” ― Rebecca Solnit, Wanderlust: A History of Walking

I’ve been a walker all my life.

When I was little, I walked from necessity. I spent my childhood outdoors, and to get from home to anywhere you had to walk.

When I got a little older I woke up to the liberating power of walking.

I walked hundreds of miles on the streets of Berlin when it was still fenced in, still somewhat pockmarked from the war, wistful and forlorn. I walked the ruins, I walked the East, I walked the West. I…

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Choosing the Perfect Blog Name: The Goat That Wrote

The Daily Post

Our Q&As with WordPressers on how they chose their blog names, from Talking Covers to Museum in a Bottle, have been wildly popular. We recently chatted with another blogger, Ian “Goat” Fraser, about how his blog name, The Goat That Wrote, came about.

The Goat That Wrote

What’s the story behind your blog name, The Goat That Wrote?

The year 2010 was big for me, with a 2,000-mile walk in the US and three months living with a girlfriend in Switzerland (to see if it would work). It didn’t, but the walking was great! I was then back home in Australia, broke and glum and kinda stranded, so I started a blog.

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Breanna’s first day at school

I had no idea how much love one could feel for is single person until this I little girl was born. She is my niece and she’s now 4 years old.

The strangest thing about our relationship is that I feel like we’re on the same level. Her happiness in infectious, meaning whatever mood I’m in she will be sure to cheer me up. 

It is unbelievable and overwhelming how one very small person can change your outlook, but I guess that comes down to how natural her reactions are and how genuine her emotions are. More significantly, I can see my influence on her and the way she acts . 

I guess she’s made me realise how powerful a role model can be, she makes me a better person because I can then see that better person in her.

I unconditionally love her, and I can feel that she loves me.